Champ Bailey: Broncos Success Gives Him Time To Heal

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Champ Bailey, the famous record setting Broncos defender was sidelined earlier this year during the preseason, after suffering a sprained foot injury. Bailey has appeared in the Pro Bowl twelve times, as a part of the Redskins and Broncos and even holds the record for number of Pro Bowl selections for any cornerback in the NFL. Bailey's injury before the regular season started was something that was likely to hurt their season, but luckily for them, it has not quite played out that way.

Due to the extraordinary success that the Broncos have been having, he is likely to continue to take more time to heal his injury. This week in practice, he showed up, but his performance was very limited. After missing the first four weeks of the season, he is clearly frustrated after seeing his team perform without him. It is an especially hard situation to deal with after the continued success of the team, as he is torn between joy and regret, according to The Denver Channel. He is glad that the team is winning, but he wishes he could be out there with them, and be a part of the action.

After Peyton Manning's extraordinary success on the offensive side of the ball, there is hardly even a need for defensive standouts like Bailey during the 2013 season. Broncos coach John Fox says that they team is not willing to take any chances on their star player, until he is able to perform at 100 percent.

It would be tough for anyone to spend the first month of the season on the sideline, but a star like Bailey said of the situation, "It's frustrating missing practice, so games, it's only 10 times more frustrating." With Bailey out, the Broncos have turned to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as their No. 1 option and they plan to do the same thing on Sunday as he gets ready to match up against receiver Dez Bryant, in their match-up against the Cowboys.

As the Broncos continue to thrive without Bailey with a 4-0 record, fans can certainly expect them to continue to do great things upon his return. After the Cowboys game, they play against the Jaguars, with no need to bring him back for that game. The secondary players are giving excellent performances as well, keeping the Broncos from being tempted to rush Bailey back onto the field too soon. The worst thing to do with this type of injury would be to put him back on the field and have something worse happen.

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