Chad Johnson Is A Wanted Man In Broward County

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The artist/NFL wid receiver previously known as Chad Ochocinco is a wanted man in the County of Broward, which is probably best known for being the area Fort Lauderdale resides in. The news comes thanks to a exclusive, and apparently, the warrant stems from the mess that was his marriage to Evelyn Lozada, and the domestic violence conviction that came with it. Apparently, Johnson failed to appear in front of his probation officer, and the warrant was issued on May 7 of this year.

While Johnson has yet to undergo the process that is due to him, if he is found to be in violation of his sentence, he could find himself behind bars. Of course, we're still a little ways off from that happening, but the wheels are certainly turning, and the ball is now in the previous Cincinnati Bengal's court. Speaking of which, his Twitter account gives us a clue as to his current whereabouts:

The news of the warrant represents simply another chapter in what has become the meteoric fall of once-really-good NFL wide receiver. Yes, Chad's mouth wrote much bigger checks than perhaps his ability should have allowed, but he was, for a time, a top-tier NFL wide receiver, something the following video demonstrates (if you're not a rap fan, you may want to turn the volume down).

Sadly, that seems like a long time ago.

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