CES 2013: Unu Is A Tablet, Game Console And Smart TV Rolled Up Into One Media Device

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CES 2013 has been saturated with game consoles and gaming devices. With the popularity of mobile titles, everybody wants to be first to bring Android game to the big screen. Ouya was the first to propose the concept and prove there was a market for it, but others are already beating it to market with interesting concepts that combine multiple devices into one.

Coming out of left field, the unu is the latest Android device that's attempting to be everything to everyone. It's billing itself as a tablet, smart TV and game console all in one. If anything, it's an intriguing concept that's definitely unique compared to the other Android game consoles we've seen at CES this year.

There's no specs currently available for the device, but it has to be at least somewhat powerful if it intends to control the living room. As for peripherals, the unu has a few interesting gimmicks that may help set it apart from the competition. For one, it features what its manufacturers, snakebyte, call the air mouse. It's a remote control that acts as a motion sensing mouse of sorts so users can interact with the device from a distance without sacrificing the precision of a mouse.

Like all other Android game consoles, it also comes with a controller that features support for multiple Android games. What sets it apart from others is that it also has a button mapping app that lets users map touch controls to the controller without having to wait for the developers to add official controller support. It's a workaround that's been a long time coming, and one that every other Android game console should adopt.

While the uni is definitely interesting, the price is going to be the most important factor. People aren't going to pay for this kind of experience if the price is more than what an Ouya and a Google or Apple TV set-top box would cost them. Sure, its use as a tablet is convenient, but most people would invest in an unu as a smart TV or game console, and snakebyte has to price it to those expectations.

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