CES 2013: Samsung TecTiles Make The Vegas Strip More Interactive

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Plenty of folks are in Las Vegas this week for CES 2013, and those in attendance will probably enjoy a little bit of the Vegas Strip while they're there. Those who decide to hit up the slots with a Samsung or other NFC-capable smartphone will be able to get extra information about the games thanks to TecTiles being installed all over the city.

Samsung announced today that it has partnered with Caesars Entertainment to place more than 4,500 TecTile NFC tags throughout eight of the company's hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. By tapping an NFC-capable smartphone to the tag, information on various games, entertainment venues, food and more will be instantly displayed on the smartphone.

"At Caesars, we understand that mobile, social, and online technologies are critical enablers of the customer experience,” said Tariq Shaukat, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. “This installation of Samsung TecTiles will allow millions of our guests with any NFC-enabled device to explore all that Caesars Entertainment resorts and casinos have to offer by simply tapping their smartphone against the tags.”

As expected, TecTiles will be plastered all over slot machines providing users with information like game tutorials, player guidelines, win/loss stats and more. The tags will also be placed near the more popular attractions so users can view show times, buy tickets and get post-show offers all from their phone.

Social media also gets a boost thanks to TecTiles with the tags being placed outside major hotels and casinos in the city. Those who tap these tags will receive a list of the "Top 10" things to do at each of the hotels and casinos that week. It would be a big help for the clueless tourist.

“Just six months ago we introduced Samsung TecTiles, which were intended to expand how our customers can leverage the Near Field Communication capabilities of Samsung phones,” said Kevin Packingham, chief product officer at Samsung Mobile. “Since then, these programmable stickers have not only changed how consumers interact with their phone, but they have made it much easier for businesses to create unique experiences for their customers using this innovative capability.”

Fittingly, all the TecTile tags will be going up on January 8, the first official day of CES. Those arriving for the annual tech show will probably use the tags far more than the average tourist, but its success could lead to other major tourist spots around the world adopting the technology.