CES 2013: Lenovo Introduces The 27-Inch Tablet You Never Asked For

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Tablets traditionally come in either 7 or 10-inch varieties. Anything even remotely bigger would be seen as insanity. Well, Lenovo is apparently insane as the company has introduced a massive tablet at CES.

Lenovo today announced the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, a massive 27-inch tablet that the company calls an "interpersonal PC." The idea is that it's laid across a coffee table and then everybody can partake in messing around with the massive touch screen in a variety of ways, including multiplayer games like virtual air hockey.

“We've seen technology shifts across the four screens, from the desktop to the laptop, tablet and smartphone, and yet, while people have more computing power than ever before, there is still room for technologies like Horizon that bring people together. Horizon makes personal computing interpersonal computing with shared, collaborative experiences among several people,” said Peter Hortensius, president, Product Group, Lenovo. “Now many people can enjoy different photos, music and video on the same screen, and they can play games with our special accessories that blend physical and digital interaction. Horizon reflects our commitment to delivering the innovative products that define the PC Plus era.”

If the 27-inch Horizon isn't doing it for you, Lenovo is also experimenting with a 39-inch table PC, code-named "Gamma." The company says it's in the early concept phase, but it "illustrates the outstanding multi-user entertainment experiences such a large screen can provide."

The Horizon Table PC is obviously built for entertainment, and the hardware will come with a number of accessories when it ships later this year. For starters, it will come with e-dice and four joysticks for games that require a bit more precision than what its 10-finger touchscreen can provide. Speaking of games, the table PC features a number of casual experiences including Monopoly, Raiding Company, Draw Race 2 HD and more. It can also play a number of popular phone apps thanks to BlueStacks emulation technology.

Besides games, the Horizon is a Windows 8 PC so it has all the features you've come to expect from a Windows PC. Owners can share pictures, videos and other media all from the neck-straining comfort of their coffee table.

The Horizon Table PC will be made available in early Summer through the company's Web site. The PC will start at a reasonable $1,699, but upgrading the device with extras will presumably push it past the $2,000 mark.

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