CES 2012: The iNuke Boom iPhone Dock & Speaker Is Only $30,000

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About a month ago, WebProNews reported on an iPod dock/speaker announcement which was getting a good amount of buzz on the internet. Due to the ridiculous size and price of the product. The iNuke has been revealed at CES 2012, and it's just as insane as we imagined from the press release in December.

If you're interested in the iNuke, it will set you back $30,000 which covers delivery and set-up of the 700 lb form factor. My question to everyone is, where will you put it once you have it in your house? Also, will you be on 24 hour surveillance trying to keep people from instinctively putting their drinks on it?

The device is powered by two 18-inch subwoofers which generate around 6,000 watts of power, with the entire device going up to 10,000 watts. It requires so much electricity that the speaker has to power on in stages so your outlet doesn't blow. According to the YouTube video below, the company has two pre-orders as of now. Come on people, this iPod dock is the definition of need.

The iNuke is currently in production and will release Q3 2012.

We can only hope they'll add an option to hook up a guitar to it before release.

Image via [iSource]

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