Ceramic Squirrel Stabbing - Woman Assults Husband


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South Carolina authorities say a 44-year-old woman, Helen Williams, angry at a her husband for returning home without beer on Christmas - beat and stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel.

Apparently the man, who in reality is her common law husband, returned home without the beer she wanted and she went crazy.

Sources say he went into the kitchen to make a sandwich when she hit him on the head with the ceramic squirrel. She continued hitting him, landing onto his chest and other areas until he escaped the beating.

The man fled to a neighbor's home to call 911, and when officers arrived shortly after midnight — they found him covered in blood with cuts on his shoulder and face, according to the report. When he took off his shirt, they found a big gash in his chest, it said.

The Charleston County Sheriff's office said in a report that deputies found a man covered with blood when they arrived at Helen Williams' North Charleston home early Wednesday. She told investigators the man fell and cut himself, but couldn't explain why her hands and clothes were also bloody.

The man was treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening wounds, NBC station WCBD of Charleston reported.

Williams was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

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