Celebrities Are Real People, And Your Tweets Hurt Them

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One great thing about Twitter is that at its best, it is a tool for open dialogue. Not just between everyday people across the world (although that part is pretty cool), but between everyday people and celebrities.

Not every celebrity on Twitter behaves the same way. Some use it solely as a platform to tweet - and they don't follow anybody. Some use it in a more promotional way, for instance, "Hey, come check out my new movie opening March 23rd!" Some celebrities actually use Twitter to talk directly to fans, which for fans of course, is the best kind of Twitter user.

But do the fans really deserve this open dialogue?

Think about the volume of vile, reprehensible tweets that some celebrities must receive. Some deserve it I'm sure (and they will remain nameless), but the vast majority probably haven't done anything to warrant @dogfart56 calling them every four letter name in the book.

Jimmy Kimmel, in honor of Twitter's 6th birthday, bought some tweeting celebs together to read some tweets. Not just any tweet, but tweets about themselves. You've got Will Arnett, Louis C.K., Roseanne, Will Ferrell, and even Andy Dick making an appearance.

Don't worry - they don't really seem hurt by people's tweets. Except Kristen Bell. Someone needs to console her.

Josh Wolford
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