Celebrate National French Fry Day with These Crispy Videos

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Happy National French Fry Day! Any holiday that celebrates the copious consumption of unhealthy food is always a blast, especially when there are so many relevant videos available to watch on YouTube. Although most of the articles I've encountered today have explored how one can make the aforementioned side dish healthier, I think that's just insane. Blasphemy, even. Who in the world wants to eat a healthy french fry? I'm assuming it's the same person who drinks non-alcoholic beer. You disgust me.

As you can tell from the videos scattered below, a lot of people have plenty of free time to spare. And that's okay, because these clips ultimately make life a bit saltier, a little crispier. In fact, I wasn't considering scarfing down a large order of french fried potatoes until I learned that today was the foodstuff's national holiday. Ah, the power of marketing.

While you're stuffing your face with the goodness that only french fries can provide, why not peruse this selection of nifty videos. It'll give you something to block out the shame associated with this sort of binge eating. And if you see someone on the side of the road who looks like they could use an order of fries, keep driving. They're probably high on bath salts.

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