Cee Lo Green's Israel Concert Gets Canceled By Promoter

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Musical entertainer and former The Voice judge Cee Lo Green is canceling his August 19 show in Jerusalem, Israel, because of the unresolved conflict between Israel and Hamas. The news was announced on Monday, August 4 by the show’s promoters, 2b Vibes.

Carmi Whurtman of 2b Vibes says that the decision was the promoter’s and not Green’s, citing that one of the reasons they canceled was because of a restriction by Israel Defense Forces that public gatherings be limited to 1,000 people only. This poses a problem for promoters needing to sell as many tickets as possible in order to cover costs and make a profit.

“The artist and his crew really wanted to come, but unfortunately we were the ones who had to postpone it because this is not the right time to advertise and push a concert,” said Whurtman. The promoter hopes that they can postpone Green’s concert in Jerusalem to October or November, and that the political conflict will be resolved long before then.

Currently, there is a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but promoters aren’t confident that they can guarantee a peaceful and orderly event for the artists they bring into the country and the people who want to see the shows.

Other artists that have canceled shows like Green’s in Israel include Neil Young, who was set to make his first appearance in the country in two decades, and thrash metal group Megadeth, which was set to play on August 6 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The band reportedly had to cancel due to the fact that they couldn’t “confirm the guaranteed passage of the band and their gear into Tel Aviv in time for the show.”

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