Cee Lo: Cockatoo Came To Him "In A Fantasy"

Amanda CrumLife

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Cee Lo has a new pet to accompany him on the new season of The Voice, and she's already getting more attention than the show itself.

Last season, the quirky crooner had a white cat in his lap, which wasn't his pet, but rather a trained animal loaned out to him. The newest member of The Voice is much more fabulous, however: a pink cockatoo named Lady. She sits on his shoulder and "whispers inappropriate things", according to Cee Lo. But he insists she's always ladylike.

Of course, when asked why Cee Lo felt he had to replace the cat--named Purrfect, by the way--he gave a very clear, very succinct answer.

"I met her flying around in a fantasy of mine," he told People. "She was wild and free just as I'd like to be! Birds of a feather we are."

As one might imagine, people have a lot to say about the matter, and are taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Amanda Crum
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