Cee Lo: Accuser Says She Secretly Recorded Him

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Allegations of sexual assault are serious and are sometimes tricky things to prove, and when a celebrity is involved, the stakes get a little higher. Now that Cee Lo's accuser is saying she has a recording of him admitting to slipping a drug into her drink when they were on a date so he could have sex with her, the situation is even more serious.

The woman told police that she went out to eat with the musician in L.A., and that after having drinks, she remembers nothing about the night. She woke up nude in a bed and says Cee Lo was in the room with her. When she reported the ordeal to the police, she says, they had her place a call to Cee Lo to try and get him to confess that he'd drugged her...and according to her, he did. TMZ reports that he references the drug MDMA--commonly referred to as Ecstasy--in the phone call, although Ecstasy isn't known to make users pass out with no recollection of events.

Now, conflicting stories as to the sequence of events that night and during the days directly following are making things even more difficult for investigators. Cee Lo commented on the allegations to TMZ, saying he hasn't been to the restaurant in question in months.

"Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else," he said.

Amanda Crum
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