Cecily Strong Offers Bilingual Tribute to Paris in "Saturday Night Live" Cold Open

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Cecily Strong opened Saturday Night Live this weekend, with a bilingual tribute to Paris in place of the typical opening monologue, showing SNL knows when to be funny, and when a moment of playing it straight is needed.

“Paris is the city of light, and here in New York City, we know that light will never go out,” she said just one night after the deadly Paris terrorist attacks. “Our love and support is with everyone there tonight. We stand with you.”

Cecily Strong then repeated the message in flawless French, before kicking off the show as usual, with, “And now, live from New York, it’s Saturday night.”

Some have taken to social media to criticize the messages countless people have posted, offering up prayers and well wishes to those directly impacted by the horrors that befell Paris two days ago. And yes, some sound trite.

However, as with Cecily Strong and the SNL producers, writers, cast, and crew, these people know there is little else that most people can do to help, aside from offering up a prayer or a word of solace.

As with the aftermath of 9/11, the average person can only hope and pray that these atrocities bring some semblance of good to all of mankind. Despite the threats of terror that plague the world, the average person can unite with his or her fellow man, and vow to bring peace to their own little corner of the world.

Kudos to Cecily Strong and SNL for this sensitive, tasteful tribute.

Kimberly Ripley
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