Catmoji, a Pinterest for Cat Lovers, Launches in Beta

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Is your Pinterest feed sorely lacking in cat pics? Too many recipes, perhaps? Is your Facebook news feed heavily populated by babies, but no cute felines to match? Is reddit simply not enough cat-oriented for your tastes?

If any or all of this applies to you, you're in luck. A new site has launched in beta as "a place for cat lovers to share and discover cat pictures and videos by expressing themselves through emoji."

It's called Catmoji, and it's the work of "a geeky programmer and a funky designer." According to the site, Catmoji was first part of Start-Up Chile, and is now based in Penang, Malaysia.

Catmoji is no frills, cat loving at its most basic. The site, which has an admittedly Pinterest-like quality, allows users to post cat photos and videos and receive feedback in the form of comments, "reaction," and yes, emoji.

"Discover interesting pictures and videos other users are sharing based on their expressions. Make sure you ever miss out on the next big thing," says Catmoji.

Users can browse all the best cat media by most-popular, latest, and by categories like "cute," "funny," and "sad."

Members of the Catmoji community can also earn badges for their felines and are given cool cat avatars (Catvatars) for use around the site.

"Catmoji is on a mission to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats. Join and help us distrupt the Internet with cats and happiness," they say.

Cats? On the internet? Like hell you say. That'll never work!

You can request an invite to the beta here.

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