Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Daily Visits From Michael Douglas

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Is Catherine Zeta-Jones and her estranged husband, Michael Douglas, heading for reconciliation? It looks like the couple may be mending their relationship, as reports tell us that Douglas visits his wife and children almost daily. Douglas' way back into Zeta-Jones' heart...pancakes!

According to a family friend, Douglas shows up at Zeta-Jones' home nearly every day and makes his wife and two children, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10, pancakes. Zeta-Jones still has not ruled out a divorce, but it seems that she may be warming up to Douglas' attempts of getting his family back. “Michael would give his right arm for a reconciliation but Catherine’s warned she is not ready to commit and she’s still not ruled out divorce,” said a source close to the couple.

Apparently Zeta-Jones is still upset about a comment that Douglas made about the reasons behind his battle with tongue cancer. He allegedly blamed his illness on oral sex, which infuriated Zeta-Jones. “Catherine is making him suffer," the source added. “She nursed him through those dark days when cancer almost took his life and she feels the comment about oral sex was like a kick in the teeth.

However, Zeta-Jones is welcoming him into the home and is loving that he is being so hands-on with the children. There is one rule though, he must return to his house to sleep at night.

“When he’s in New York, he makes the kids breakfast and comes back in the evening to watch TV with them before bedtime," the source continued. "Then he gets his marching orders from his wife and returns to sleep at his own place in Manhattan. Michael is very bothered about spending regular downtime with Dylan and Carys rather than just seeing them for dinners and days out. It’s very sweet when he turns up at the apartment to cook for them because he so desperately wants to be back as part of the family’s life. Catherine thinks it’s really touching he’s being so hands-on with the kids – and he’s praying it’s the key back into her heart.”

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