Casey Kasem Still Unburied; Elder Abuse Investigation Goes to D.A.

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It’s been over five months since Casey Kasem died. And the man is still not buried.

The beloved radio icon was the subject of tabloid press in his final days, as his wife and children fought each other for control of the man. Kasem’s wife Jean had whisked him away from a care facility and his whereabouts were unknown to his children from an earlier marriage. Kasem and Jean were found by law enforcement in Washington state, visiting friends.

After Kasem died, the battle did not stop. According to TMZ, the LAPD has launched an investigation into charges of elder abuse against Jean Kasem, charges brought by Casey’s children.

And now TMZ reports that the LAPD has handed that to the L.A. County District Attorney.

Casey’s kids say that Jean’s neglect of Casey caused him to get bedsores that got infected and contributed to his death. They allege that Jean was more interested in keeping Casey from them than in actually taking care of him.

TMZ has previously reported that Jean Kasem is fighting efforts by the kids to have an autopsy performed on Casey, and had repeatedly moved his body from place to place to prevent the autopsy. Currently, Kasem’s body is said to be in Oslo, Norway. It is not only unburied, but has not been embalmed as this matter grinds on.

Back in June, shortly after Kasem’s death, daughter Kerri Kasem said that she was “pausing” her pursuit of elder abuse charges against Jean Kasem.

But the LAPD did confirm then that an investigator was working with Kerri on the matter.

“A detective has been in contact and is working with Kerri Kasem ever since Mr. Casey Kasem was removed from the Berkley East Convalescent Hospital on May 7, 2014,” an LAPD spokesman said. "Recently, the investigator was contacted by Mr. [Logan] Clarke, who is working for Kerri, and he received additional information from him regarding the case."

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