Casey Anthony: Will America Ever Stop Hating Her?

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Casey Anthony.

The name alone makes mothers grimace and your average bystander shake his head.

Those who consider themselves "freethinkers" or faithful to the interpretation of American laws will say the reactions to Anthony are unfair for one reason or another.

Regardless of what such persons say, the fact remains....people hate this woman.

Anthony has been a public eyesore since she was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges by a Florida jury on July 5th, 2011.

The death of Anthony's 2-year-old daughter Caylee had been blamed on the young mother by members of the public and pundits in the press in the lead up to the verdict.

It only served to raise expectations she'd be found guilty.

The outcome stunned the public, which continues to assume that the opinion of citizens and the opinion of juries will link up in major cases.

Somehow, the fact that these individuals are isolated on purpose continues to be lost on many Americans.

What Casey Anthony's jury believed to be true about Anthony did not at all mesh with what the public felt, and felt very strongly.

In the immediate aftermath of the verdict, members of the public took to social media to voice their outrage.

The public outcry was intense for weeks, possibly even months, after the case was over.

In the years since the trial, the level of anger about the Casey Anthony ruling cooled from red hot indignation to lukewarm disgust. This is likely because the public has since moved on to new injustices and controversies.

Even so, the negative impression towards Anthony has never gone away.

As Casey Anthony's name continues to pop up in the headlines periodically, one has to ask: Will the public ever stop hating this woman?

With the continued negative reaction to her name alone, it seems easy to suggest the answer will be, "Probably not."

Anthony simply does not seem capable of presenting herself as a sympathetic character or genuinely interested in doing so.

At no point does she appear to be a grieving mother.

If anything, it seems she's far more ready to capitalize on her infamy than demonstrate that she loved her deceased toddler.

This interpretation of Anthony has made her a person that, despite being found not guilty in a court of law, is hard to stomach by many who see all the indications that she's a woman who knows she got away with murder. So long as there's nothing in her behavior which represents a wrongfully maligned mother, it's unlikely many will see her as such.

What do YOU think Casey Anthony would have to do to get people to stop hating her? Is such a thing possible? Comment below!

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