Casey Anthony Puts Murder Trial Behind Her, Starts Photography Business With Help From Investigator

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Casey Anthony has reportedly started her own photography business in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Anthony, who has been called "the most hated mom in America" after she was acquitted of the murder of her toddler Caylee, allegedly received some help from investigator Patrick McKenna to start her own business. His address is listed for the company's, although it's unclear what sort of photography Casey will be doing.

Casey Anthony drew national attention in 2008 when she claimed a babysitter had kidnapped her 2-year old daughter in July; the little girl's body was found in December. The case garnered quite a bit of speculation and doubt from both detectives and those watching the trial, but Casey was acquitted of all charges with the help of McKenna.

Anthony has kept well out of the public eye for the last several years following public outrage at her acquittal, surfacing a couple of times in recent years for court appearances. After filing for bankruptcy in 2013, Anthony said she had no job, no car, and couldn't support herself outside of the cash and gift cards her supporters gave her.

"I guess you could say I'm living free off the kindness," Casey said.

Although Anthony was found not guilty of the most serious charges against her--including first-degree murder--she did face misdemeanor charges stemming from stories she told police about a babysitter kidnapping Caylee, which she later said was not true. Prosecutors alleged that Anthony wanted out of her responsibilities and used chloroform on her daughter to render her unconscious, then put duct tape over her mouth and nose to smother her. Anthony claimed she had nothing to do with her daughter's death.

"There are no winners in this case. Caylee has passed on far, far too soon. Casey did not murder Caylee," Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said after the trial. "It's that simple. And today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction."

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