Carrie Underwood: Is Her Marriage On The Rocks?

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Ever since Carrie Underwood won first place on American Idol in 2005, she's done a wonderful job of staying relevant and keeping herself in the public eye.

But despite all of her performances and TV interviews, there's still a good deal that fans don't know about her, which is probably one of the reasons why People magazine asked her a bunch of questions that had more to do with the smaller things in Underwood's life, and less to do with her being a celebrity.

For example, People asked what her last big purchase was.

"I'm not a car person at all," she said, but my husband is, so we got one of the new Corvettes. It's fun and black. We didn't get a convertible because Mike likes to take it to the track."

And when it comes to being altruistic, the blonde beauty said she usually does a lot of things for animals. "I went to visit my parents a few weeks ago and spent two days cleaning out some pretty messy pens at an animal shelter, Happy Paws," she said. "It was long and grueling, but the people that run the shelter are wonderful."

In recent news there have been a few reports that Underwood and her husband, professional hockey player Mike Fisher, were having marital problems, so it may have been a surprise for some to see the couple enjoying themselves on a tropical island.

On her Instagram page Underwood posted two photos, which consisted of her and Fisher leaping off a huge rock into the sand. Now whether the island trip was a getaway to repair their marriage or just a spontaneous vacation is unknown, but it clearly looks like the two are enjoying each other's company and having a great time.

However, according to an inside source for, Underwood and Fisher are doing whatever they can to repair their union. "Mike is fuming," said the inside source. "Carrie is thrilled about all the opportunities, but she's very conflicted and confused. She and Mike are barely speaking."

"Between his schedule with the Nashville Predators and her rehearsals, they barely saw each other the last three months. When they did steal some alone time, Carrie was wiped out physically and emotionally. The ordeal left Mike feeling neglected and ignored."

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