Carrie Underwood Falls, Jokes About It On Twitter

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Carrie Underwood continues to be making headlines this week. First her husband is bitten by a chipmunk and this time, she has a dramatic fall on stage during her performance in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is also scheduled to sing the song before the NFL game on Sunday night between the Giants and Cowboys. She was wearing 5-inch stilettos and a long wavy shirt, which after the performance, she has proved it to be a very unfitting combination. She was singing a foot-stomping song, where she got a bit overzealous and fell down on her bottom.

Her heel even tore a hole in her shirt as she fell and hurt her ankle badly in the process. She did not want let this incident ruin her night by any means, and proceeded to joke about it with all of her followers on twitter and play it off like it was no big deal. She proved that the combination of stilettos and the type of shirt that she chose were a dangerous combination, if you are a singer that stomps for emphasis that is, stated Entertaiment Weekly.

Carrie Underwood Falls On Stage

It seems that any time something dramatic like this happens in today's society social media is right there at the forefront and is used to its fullest ability. This story would be much less exciting if we did not have the instagram video of her falling on stage or the several tweets that she sent to her followers following the incident. She handled the situation like the six-time Grammy winning pro that she is and even finished singing the song while sitting down, according to the Los Angeles Times. Fans of the singer will want to check out her twitter page for even more, as she continued to post and re-tweet others throughout the evening.

In addition to the several tweets that she sent, including laughing at herself and even telling fans that she could not feel her toes, she also tweeted a picture post-show. A number of fans responded to her tweets, which she then re-tweeted. One fan even remarked that she did not fall, but in fact attacked the floor, using mad ninja skills.

She also tweeted a picture in order to let everyone know that she will be okay, although she is in a cast and presents her new "footwear" as she refers to it, to her fans. It sounds like Underwood is okay and nothing is broken. Fans can rest knowing that she will be back for more extravagant live performances soon. Let's hope this cast protects her foot a bit more than those stilettos did.

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