'Carrie' Prank Wakes Up Coffee House

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Some rascally pranksters felt that the customers of 'sNice coffee shop in New York would like a little telekinesis and excitement with their coffee... considering how boring coffee shops tend to be and everything. Actually, the coffee house was chosen to be the scene of a prank that was to be conducted in order to promote the new Carrie movie. That's right, old people! There is finally an attempt to remake our beloved, perfectly-executed-a long-time-ago Carrie movie.

For all the children out there, Carrie was a Stephen King novel that was transformed into one of the most remarkable horror films in American history. The film is about a young girl named Carrie White who is ostracized by her classmates and tormented by her overzealous mother who is always, for some reason, too busy being spiritual to find a hair comb. In the midst of the all the teasing and torment, Carrie begins to realize that she has the power to move things with her mind. Shit gets pretty interesting afterward. There's a sexy gym teacher that slaps teens, blood flying everywhere, and a bunch of 70s prom hairstyles get ruined.

Perhaps the contributors of the 2013 Carrie film knew they'd have their work cut out for them, so they pulled out all the stops for the promo. They took over the coffee house, rigged the joint, and scared the Hell out of some presumably mild-mannered folks. The scene is set with two actors: a studious brunette, and a clumsy bald guy. The bald guy accidentally knocks over the young lady's cup of coffee, and she reacts the way we would expect any caffeine addict to react. She flips out on bald guy, and thanks to all the rigging of furniture and a fake wall, she appears to throw him into the wall with invisible, Carrie-like force. She also does a lot of screaming and some stuff gets jostled around. All the damage was faked,... except for the ruptured eardrums suffered by the patrons.

Video and image via Nightcap

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