Carrie Fisher Once Received Box of Sex Toys from Mom Debbie Reynolds for Christmas

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Carrie Fisher is making the talk show rounds, promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not all the topics she discusses are related to the film.

It was while chatting with UK talk show host Graham Norton in recent days that Carrie Fisher mentioned a Christmas gift she once received from her mom, Debbie Reynolds.

“She has given me some extraordinary gifts over the years," Fisher said.

"She once gave my grandmother and me vibrators for Christmas and my grandmother said she would not use hers because she was afraid it might short-circuit her pacemaker!” she added.

Carrie Fisher plays the role of General Organa--previous known as Princess Leia Organa in earlier Star Wars films. Lest that convince those of you who haven't yet seen the film that Fisher's character is strong and a force to be reckoned with--think again.

Reuters reports that General Organa isn't very exciting at all. In fact, she is described as "grave and almost beatific."

"Leia is far less impassioned about seeing the great love of her life after a long estrangement than about the loss of their son Ben to the Dark Side," they write.

How sad that Carrie Fisher's character sounds so mundane. That certainly doesn't match the real-life Carrie Fisher--the one who got a box of sex toys from her mother for Christmas--does it?

What do you suppose Debbie Reynolds thinks of her daughter's character's change from 1980s icon to 2015 sleeper?

Carrie Fisher was just 19 when she first played Princess Leia. Too bad writers didn't chat with her--or Debbie Reynolds--about the kind of woman she is capable of playing, even at the age of 59.

Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Were you disappointed in the way Carrie Fisher's character is portrayed?

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