Carol Burnett And Jimmy Fallon Are Hilarious In 'Tonight Show' Skit

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On the Monday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, legendary comedian Carol Burnett made an appearance to promote her play Love Letters. Burnett gave viewers a treat by pretending to recall a ‘90s soap opera in which she supposedly starred with Jimmy Fallon, and the trip down memory lane provided the studio audience with a barrel of laughs.

Fallon “reminded” Burnett about a show called Tensions, in which they played a married couple. The show was supposedly canceled due to the heightened tension they were required to create in order to hook audiences. Fallon then invited Burnett to view a few “clips” from the show.

These “clips” were actually skits that required Burnett and Fallon to run from the interview desk to an ornate set and don flamboyant costumes. The hilarious scripts had Burnett and Fallon getting worked up over ordinary things such as coffee, telling the time and walking the dog.

What made the segments even funnier was the fact that Burnett and Fallon had to run back to the interview desk after each one and pretend they had been sitting there all along. After the first segment, Fallon’s face was still wet from Burnett having thrown her coffee into it. Burnett’s outfit was also noticeably in disarray after each “clip,” and she even stopped trying to pretend after the last one, giving away the joke by going back to the interview desk still in her turban and costume.

Earlier in the show, Burnett and Fallon discussed how they both had a hard time trying not to laugh during comedic performances, and this was evident throughout their Tensions skit. Burnett will be appearing in Love Letters opposite Tony Award-winner Brian Dennehy for four weeks starting on October 11, Saturday. The comedian was also recently given the Harvey Award by the James M. Stewart Museum Foundation.

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