Carly Rae Jepsen: BF Is A Fellow Musician

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Carly Rae Jepsen took the world by storm with her breakout mega-hit "Call Me, Maybe", which has spawned so many mashups, covers, and parodies that it's hard to tell which is the original song anymore; she's everywhere you look online, and when you become a smash on the internet, you're bound to have a ton of rumors spread about your personal life.

First it was the nude photos/sex tape that were supposedly stolen from her laptop and leaked. Those turned out to be fakes, but some fans are still holding out hope that the rumor was based on fact, even if they haven't found concrete proof just yet. Now, the latest news is of her boyfriend, a young musician and fellow Canadian named Matthew Koma.

Jepsen has been linked to Koma for a while now but has batted away questions related to her private life in interviews, not wanting to give too much away. However, the two were spotted recently holding hands in New York City, and Koma has officially introduced her as his girlfriend.

Though Koma has kept relatively quiet on the subject, Jepsen has said that he is very supportive and that he makes her happy.

"He makes me laugh every day and not always on purpose," she said. "He's my guy."

Amanda Crum
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