Cara Delevingne Unveils New Handbag Line

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Cara Delevingne's handbag--or rather what was in it--was a popular topic of conversation just a few short months ago, as noted in the video clip above. Now the fashion model--and former love interest of One Direction's Harry Styles--has unveiled a handbag collection of her own. The British luxury label Mulberry contracted with the model to design a line that was just unveiled in London on Sunday. Mulberry didn't have a catwalk show this season, but will likely be front and center in the fashion world with this new line of handbags. London's ritzy hotel, Claridge's, was the scene of Sunday's big event.

Cara was barefoot as she modeled her bags, wearing a white slip dress. At one point she was swinging in what appeared to be a ballroom. While showing off another of the bags she was accompanied by a couple of male models and some dogs. The entire show was over in about five minutes.

Delevingne did no interviews following the event, but she issued a statement that seemed almost childlike given her upscale position in the fashion world.

‘‘My granny will like this bag. She’s 102 years old. My 5-year-old cousin will probably like this bag. He’s a boy," she said in the statement.

Cara Delevingne is featured in an ad for Mulberry wearing one of her own creations on her back, as per this Instagram photo.

Delevingne was even more excited to reveal the bag named after her--the CARA bag.

The CARA truly is a dazzling handbag as shown in this Instagram shot.

Mulberry lost its creative director Emma Hill recently and saw very disappointing sales from the 2013 Christmas holiday. It needs all the help it can get. Hopefully Cara Delevingne's name will be enough to bring the designer up from its bad sales abyss and back into the fashion forward worlds of droves of wealthy shoppers.

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