Cara Delevingne Loves McDonalds and Tattoos


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If you think models only eat brown rice and vegetables, think again. Model Cara Delevingne chowed down on some greasy fast food right in the middle of a photo shoot for DKNY. Cara took a break from modeling to have some lunch on the top of a cab and to of course check her cell phone.

Cara isn't a bit ashamed of her McDonalds cravings or her eating habits. She said in a recent interview that she has to eat often to prevent herself from becoming faint and sick. McDonalds offers a fast way for her to get the food she needs, even if it isn't a healthy choice. The young model says that the first thing she does when she gets to the United States is make a trip to McDonalds for her favorite fries and burgers.

"I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat,” she said. “First thing I do when I get to America… get a McDonald’s.”

Cara's eating habits aren't the only thing surprising about the young model, she also showed off her new tattoo. Her tattoo artist Daniel Tucci revealed that he had tattooed a small number 12 on Cara during a trip to Rio De Janeiro. He also said that he believed her Cara's love for tattoos will eventually lead her to cover her entire body in them. She also has a Southern Cross, a constellation made of five stars.

'She loves tattoos and says she isn’t going to stop, she wants to be covered in tattoos ... she's coming back for another one in a couple of days!'

Tattoos and burgers aside, Cara was able to pull of an amazing photo shoot. After changing out of her skinny jeans and printed top, Cara looked stunning in a blue and black dress with matching heels. Her photos will be used for the spring and summer DKNY ads.

Images from Twitter.