Car Seats: Inflatable Car Seats Benefit Kids and Parents

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If you are or were a parent, you know how frustrating it can be to lug around a heavy car seat, transfer it from one car to another or even remove it to clean the car. Still, you fight the good fight and lift, push and pull on that heavy car seat because you believe its weight and size make it safe for your little one.

A new car seat designed by Volvo may change your mind and help relieve the frustrations you experience with car seats. The company has created a line of inflatable car seats that they say are just as safe and durable as traditional car seats, but much less bulky and lighter weight.

The car seat can be inflated and deflated in seconds with the simple push of a button. That means if you need to send your little one off to grandma and grandpa's house you can move the car seat over to their car in no time.

Once the car seats are deflated, they are easy to store. This makes them perfect for flights, train, bus and taxi rides or for people who need to remove car seats often in order to make room for other people or things.

So how do parents feel about the new inflatable car seats?

What do you think about the new inflatable car seats and do you think they are safe as traditional ones?

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