Captain America: Trailer Scenes To Look Forward To


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to hit theaters across the country today. It already seems destined to be the first of many warm weather blockbusters.

Are YOU excited?

Well if you're feeling a bit "meh" about the newest Marvel comic book movie, I don't blame you.

The first Captain America wasn't exactly an action-and-special-effects packed thriller like Iron Man or Thor.

While sequels to those movies performed well at the box office, critically they seem to have fallen short of their predecessors.

The reverse is true of Winter Soldier, which is not only better reviewed than the first Captain America movie, it seems genuinely more anticipated.

It's all thanks to the scenes in the movie's trailers and TV spots. The images manage to not give away the entire movie plot and at the same time let us look forward to truly mouth-watering moments.

Here are some scenes from the trailer people are no doubt eagerly awaiting to see in context:

The Epic Shield Catch

It's Captain America's shield. You don't just CATCH Captain America's shield. Even Thor's hammer Mjolnir was no match for the thing.

In the superhuman Winter Soldier, we have someone who not only knew the shield was coming at him, but had ability to stop it.

It was most definitely a moment of badassery and it's hard not to want to know what happens next.

Who's Under The Blanket?

Somebody dies and Black Widow cries.

Since the Black Widow as played by Scarlett Johansson is not prone to sincere and deep displays of emotion, we can only assume it's an important character.

This has led to heavy speculation as to who is under the blanket. Some think it's Nick Fury and others suspect it's Hawkeye. It may even be the Winter Soldier himself.

This mystery will be solved shortly, so anticipate having to dodge this major spoiler when it hits the internet!

Winter Soldier Takes The Wheel...Literally

In the scene where the Winter Soldier grabs the car wheel and rips it out, Captain America and Black Widow are placed in quite a serious situation to say the least.

Are they going to get out of the car safely or will there be a terrible crash? Anything is possible with these movies, but it's likely what follows will be pretty awesome.

It will no doubt be worth the required suspension of disbelief.

Is there a particular scene you're looking forward to seeing fleshed out when Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters? Share it below!

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