Capcom's Strider Sequel Gets A New Trailer

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Capcom surprised everyone earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con when it revealed that a sequel to Strider was in the works. Excitement soon gave to way to skepticism, however, as it's been over a decade since the last game in the series was released. It didn't help matters either when Capcom revealed that Double Helix Games was developing it.

Despite this initial skepticism, the latest trailer for the game does a nice job of convincing gamers that this new Strider is the real deal. All fans could ever want from a new Strider game is here and then some. The visuals seem to be getting it just right as well.

Strider will be released in early 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The game will be skipping the Wii U for now, but the development team has said it's certainly a possibility if the demand is there. If the current petition asking for a Wii U version of Strider is any indication, you might not want to get your hopes up.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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