Capcom is Polling Fans on Their Favorite Street Fighter Characters


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Capcom is serious about its fighting games. Not a week goes by that minor changes and tweaks aren't made to its games to make them more (or less, in some cases) balanced. So, when the publisher asks fighter fans for their opinion, it's not likely to be just a simple Facebook popularity poll.

Today Capcom began polling fighting game fans on who their favorite Street Fighter characters are. The publisher claims that the results of the poll will influence games, marketing, and licensing opportunities (such as Sanrio plushies, no doubt).

"Please be honest in your answers," states Capcom, and the company seems to be pretty serious about getting only opinions from fighting game fans. The poll ends early if the question "Have you purchased any fighting games for consoles, dedicated gaming handhelds or PC in the last five years (2008 - present)?" is answered with a "no." Those who have bought a fighting game recently get to go on to choose their five favorite Street Fighter characters from the 67 fighters featured throughout the series' history.

Future Street Fighter games will certainly feature new characters, and there may not be room for some of the less popular characters in the series. Sure, popular and classic characters such as Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma aren't likely to go anywhere, but if you're a fan of Rufus you might want to make sure your voice is heard in this poll.