Capcom Arcade Cabinet Brings Classics to Consoles

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Today Capcom announced all of the details on its upcoming Capcom Arcade Cabinet for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Starting on February 19, the publisher will release one of five "Game Packs" every two weeks. Each pack will include three classic Capcom arcade titles in full HD.

The first pack will cost $5 or 400 Microsoft Points and includes Black Tiger, 1943: Battle of Midway, and Avenger. Black Tiger will be given away for free, presumably to show off the features of Arcade Cabinet. Subsequent packs will each cost $10/800 Microsoft Points, but patient gamers can wait until May 21 to buy all of the titles in a $30/2000 MIcrosoft Points bundle. The games in each pack will be made individually available for $4/320 Microsoft Points two weeks after they are released in a pack.

Pack 2 (March 5) will include Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, and Section Z. Pack 3 (March 19) includes Side Arms, The Speed Rumbler, and Exed Exes (Savage Bees). Pack 4 (April 2) includes Commando, Legendary Wings, and Trojan. Pack 5 (April 16) includes 1942, SonSon, and Pirate Ship Higemaru. Gamers who buy all of the titles - even in bundle form - will receive two mystery games (Street Fighter, perhaps?).

In addition to the HD optimization, the Arcade Cabinet features a "virtual dip switch" to customize game settings, online multiplayer for games with two-player modes, and leaderboards. Also, since Capcom knows many modern gamers won't enjoy the difficulty level of classic games, all of the games will have a "Casual Mode" that will "allow less experienced players to wade into the more difficult challenges with fun and sometimes unexpected tweaks."

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