Canon Digital Cameras One of Most-Stolen on Market

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Canon has long been considered one of the most prestigious producers of digital cameras. Now, Canon-brand cameras and equipment have been determined to be some of the most sought-after items on thieves' holiday wish lists.

According to, a new website dedicated to helping consumers avoid being targeted for robbery, Canon is one of the most coveted camera brands on the market - thus, making the brand the producer of some of the digital cameras and lenses that are most often reported missing.

Lenstag is a free website where camera owners can register the serial numbers on their equipment in order to track items if they are stolen. The site created by Trevor Sehrer also allows consumers the benefit of knowing how, and when, camera thefts usually occur. Sehrer recently announced that two new apps for mobile registration are now available for iOS and Android users.

The #1 most-stolen digital camera currently available for purchase is the Nikon D7000, followed by the Canon 60D, and then the Canon 7D. However, the most-stolen camera lenses are all Canon-produced glass pieces.

The site also shows where the majority of digital camera thefts statistically happen. According to Lenstag's research, 29% of stolen cameras are taken during car robberies, closely followed by home break-ins, which account for 25% of thefts. Results also showed that consumers should closely monitor cameras while on vacation, attending a wedding, or traveling by air.

Should a registered user's costly equipment ever become stolen, the Lenstag will assist the owner in retrieving their merchandise using the previously-registered serial number.

Main image courtesy @CanonUSAimaging via Twitter.