Candis Cayne Deciphers Caitlyn Jenner's Real Sexuality

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Caitlyn Jenner has been getting a lot of moral support from her friends lately. Through her I am Cait reality show, the people got to see the friends who help her become the person she has always wanted to be and one of them is Candis Cayne.

Cayne talked about Caitlyn Jenner’s glam look in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter.

“When you're coming from a sports hero, you have to do a 180, you have to go the exact opposite," she said of Jenner’s makeover.

“They needed to show that side of Caitlyn, which is female, ultimately female,” Cayne explained.

She has been an important part of I am Cait because her insights helped Jenner see the plight of trans-women and the issues they are facing. Cayne also revealed that she had experienced domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriends in the past.

Just how much does she know Jenner?

In the latest preview of I am Cait, Cayne revealed she felt Jenner is attracted to women.

"I think that Cait is probably… my gut says that she is attracted to women." This was after the two visited a gay bar for their reality show. Jenner, apparently, felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the bar because of the almost-naked men dancing at the venue. However, when a scantily-dressed woman appeared, Jenner seemed to express interest in her.

Cayne added, "your sexuality and your gender are two completely different things … and it’s no one’s business."

She has been rumored to be dating Jenner recently but they have not cleared the issues yet. Last month, she asked Jenner on a date for their reality show. The two are very close friends, reports claimed.

Forty-four-year-old Cayne is currently single ad has said that she thinks being a transgender woman has made it difficult for her to find her love.

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