Candice Swanepoel Talks About Preparing For Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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South African supermodel, Candice Swanepoel, is riding high right now. The Victoria’s Secret model is currently 10th in Forbes’ list of top-earning models, plus she also took part in the hugely successful Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week. The flawless beauty is also blessed by having great metabolism. In an interview with Fox & Friends, Swanepoel revealed that she didn’t undergo a diet in the month leading up to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Swanepoel explained that she actually increased her food intake as part of her preparation. “Everyone's different. Everyone's body is different,” she said during the interview. “I have to eat a lot more to be able to work out a lot more.” Candice talked more about her training regimen prior to the fashion show. “About a month before, I start working out a lot more than I usually do. I do boxing. I do Pilates on the machine. I do a lot of lunges,” the model said. “I ran on the beach this year, which really tightens everything up.”

InStyle caught up with Swanepoel behind the scenes of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to see how the models prepare before hitting the runway. “It’s the calm before the storm right now,” Swanepoel told the magazine. “We’re all enjoying being together but about to become quite chaotic!”

Candice talked about her very busy day, saying, “The morning of the show, I get up early, I do a workout, and then we just get right into hair and makeup most of the day until the show starts.” She added, “There’s a lot of hype and anxiety the morning before the show begins, so we’re always just trying to keep it all together!”

And how did she celebrate after a successful fashion show? In a video for Refinery29, the model revealed that her victory meal was a beer and a burger.

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