Candace Cameron Bure Offers Behind the Scenes View of 'The View'

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Candace Cameron, who joined The View this week, offered a behind the scenes glimpse of what the week entailed in an exclusive interview with People magazine.

The 39-year-old Fuller House star, told the magazine that she approached the guest hosting on The View as "something fun and different," but said she was surprised they offered her a spot as regular co-host.

"It suddenly felt like a lot more pressure and responsibility," she conceded. "After my first show this week, I called my mom and I told her I was disappointed in how I'd handled one of the topics that had come up. I mentioned all the pressure I was putting on myself. And she told me, 'You know, there's a book out there that's all about this very problem of self-doubt and pressure. It's called Dancing Through Life and it's written by this woman named Candace Cameron Bure. You should read it.'"

Candace, who recently took on the whole Starbucks Christmas red cup scandal, admitted that her momma was right, saying that she has always been her worst critic and needs to let that go and just have a good time with the new gig.

Noting that she has always been the one being interviewed, she said she has much to learn from her co-hosts

"Paula Faris comes from the world of journalism so I've been asking her a ton of questions, and she has been so supportive and helpful in making feel more prepared," said Cameron. "I really am enjoying all my co-hosts but I think people would be surprised to hear that I find the most in common with Raven-Symoné.

"We differ a lot in our opinions, but we are kindred spirits in the sense that we both grew up in front of the camera. We have a lot of similar life experiences that have shaped who we are. That gives us a lot to bond over."

What to you think of Candace Cameron Bure's first week on The View?

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