Candace Cameron Bure, From “Full House” to Family Matters


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Candace Cameron Bure has come a long way since her leading role in the 1990’s hit show “Full House" and it seems that she may have picked up on some of those theatrical family values.

Most of you may remember her as D.J., the oldest sister of the on-camera family, which we had the privilege to watch grow up from a young adolescent to a respectable teenager.

Now at the age of 37, the former childhood TV star has recently revealed her current life as a mother, wife and ongoing actress.

Bure has been married for 17 years and she and former hockey player, Valeri Bure, have three children.

Married at the age 20 and conceiving her first child at 22, Bure decided to take a well-needed break from the acting industry to focus on raising her children.

Bure’s 2013 released book, “Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose,” is said to detail the aspects of her life.

One thing that she emphasizes the most in her book is her Christian beliefs, which she incorporates into her marriage. Bure admits that she chooses to be a submissive wife because she believes that two heads of authority do not make a marriage work.

Her personal view on the matter, of course, is a hot topic when it comes to leadership roles in relationships.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, she clarifies her marriage views described in her book.

"The definition I'm using with the word 'submissive' is the biblical definition of that. So, it is meekness, it is not weakness. It is strength under control, it is bridled strength,” she said.

In her younger years, Bure suffered from bulimia and in 2011 she transcribed those experiences in her first book, “Reshaping It All: Physical and Spiritual Fitness.”

Now, following years of growth and raising a family, a new edition to her publishing career shares the side of her that she values the most.

“It’s much like an autobiography and it takes you through my life story, picking out those moments where I had to make choices that would help me balance my life,” she told ABC News.

Bure plans to continue to embrace the fact that her TV roles will never match up to her role as a mother and wife, something she refers to as: “…where I'm going to be for however many years of my life.”

Image via Youtube, B&H Publishing Group