Canadian Pays Off Entire Student Loan in Cash

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Stop me if you've had this dream before: Armed with pockets stuffed to overflowing with cash, you stroll into the bank that handled your student loan, slap those sweaty wads of paper currency on the proverbial barrelhead, and walk away with a receipt that proclaims all of your college debt has been paid off. It's a scenario that many graduates have daydreamed about while serving cold french fries to angry mothers with a gaggle of screaming children in the backseat of their SUVs. And, chances are, they'll be imagining the same thing tomorrow afternoon.

Prepare to engage jealousy shields, as the preceding paragraph actually took place somewhere within the wilds of Toronto, Canada. Business Insider, by way of Reddit, posted the story earlier today, and I think they were as astounded by the embedded image as I am. Most people are forced to address their college tuition in small, monthly payments over an extended period of time. So when you're pouring over your budget this weekend, think about this individual and the freedom he or she is experiencing as a result. Then, you know, cry yourself to sleep.

Sorry if this ruins your day. Seriously.


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