Canada Kiss Map Helps You Share Smooch Info With The World

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Some people might not be so willing to broadcast all the details of their longitudinal life, but some might not find any harm in leaving a public memento of a memorable smooch. However, if you live in Canada - and you have smooched people - there's an app to help people mark the special locations of memorable kisses. And what better day than today, Valentine's Day, to reflect on the mushy tales of romance and ravagings.

Canada Kiss Map is an app powered by the Google Maps API that enables users to drop pins on a map to mark the place that awesome smooching took place. Smoochers can index their kisses as a First Kiss, a Hot 'n Heavy kiss, the doleful Last Kiss, or the ambiguous All Other Kisses.

Curious about the latter, I put on my investigative journalism cap and sought out an example of what kind of kiss couldn't possibly be categorized as something other than All Other Kisses. This was the fruit of my inquiry (purple pins, by the way, indicate All Other Kisses):

Given the description sounds more like either a First Kiss or a Hot 'n Heavy Kiss, the All Other Kisses seems to be a catch-all category for users who, ahem, have their hands full and can't bother with fumbling around with a map app at the moment.

All things considered, this is a harmless and fun app you might enjoy with your sweetheart whilst avoiding the crowds filling up restaurants and movie theaters tonight. At the very least, this app will surely spare some trees the scarification ritual they're subjected to when starry-eyed lovers are intent on engraving heart-encircled initials in the tree's bark like they're some modern day Edmund Spenser.

One more thing: there doesn't appear to be a mobile version of this app, so you'll have to post your smoochy info the old school way via a computer.