Can Reggie Bush Get His 1,000 Yd Season?

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Popular NFL running back Reggie Bush may have been a shoo-in for the Heisman Award in 2005 after his USC team won the BCS National Championship, but it's doubtful he's winning ANY kind of award from his fellow teammates lately after throwing them all under the bus with negative remarks about their apparent lack of discipline.

Bush told sources on Wednesday that the reason why the Detroit Lions had lost four out of their last five games was because the players had a discipline problem. According to him, none of his fellow teammates had any discipline at all.

Reggie Bush, a phenomenal college running back for USC, had no problem with discipline as evident from his 2005 Heisman win. However, looking several years ahead into his NFL career he's just been good - Not quite like the crowd-pleasing runaway touchdowns and 2,000 plus yards during his Heisman year.

If Bush's fans were to take the negativity he exudes towards his teamates, add in a handful of Heisman returned, measure up the latest calf injury that has kept him sidelined and lastly throw in the possibility of a 1,000 yard doesn't quite seem like the same ball player.

Reggie Bush is a favorite in fantasy football drafts, and always entertaining to watch on the big screen. He's one of the true backs - simply sticking with his position alone. To earn a 1,000 yard season is a big deal to a running back, especially a true back like Bush. In order to obtain one of these seasons, the back has to have tried and true blockers, a strong offensive line, and a cooperative quarterback that'll hand off to you enough times to get that number closer and closer. Even the defense comes into play here. If they don't give the offense enough breathing room then those nice hand-offs to Reggie turn into receptions for Calvin.

With Bush so close to his golden season numbers, wouldn't he want to make nice with his teammates? Especially the offensive line and tackles. Even the occasional tight end could need to be enlisted for a quick block down the sideline. Word of advice...don't piss off the guys who have your back - literally. Or instead of counting up yards over 1,000 you could be counting stars.

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