Camila Cabello: Did She Really Break Up With Austin Mahone?

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It has been reported that pop star Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello have split up. Although it seems the actual reasons behind their split is still in question. A report by Hollywood Life claiming that the Mahone accused Cabello of “using their relationship to sell more albums” caught Mahone’s attention. The crooner took to Twitter and tweeted Hollywood Life, calling the report “the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard”. Cabello also tweeted about the situation. The singer tweeted, “nobody is the bad guy here and nobody deserves any hate” before announcing that she’ll be taking a break from Twitter for a couple of days.

According to the Hollywood Life report, Cabello revealed that she and Mahone are dating as a “last-ditch effort to save their relationship”. The source claimed that Mahone wanted to keep his relationship with Cabello low-key. “When she revealed that they were dating, he accused her of using it to sell albums and she was hurt by that and they both decided to break up,” the source said.

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