Cameron Diaz, Kirk Cameron Win Big at Razzies

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Cameron Diaz and Kirk Cameron were big winners at the 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards. Dubbed 'The Razzies,' winners of these awards aren't really winners at all.

Cameron Diaz won Razzies for Worst Actress, and also by default for appearing in the remake of Annie, which 'won' for Worst Remake, Ripoff or Sequel.

Evangelist and former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron topped Cameron Diaz with the number of Razzies he accumulated at the event that was held on Saturday.

Worst Picture went to Kirk Cameron for his Christian Christmas film, Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas.

Worst Actor went to Kirk Cameron for the same film.

Worst Screenplay went to Kirk Cameron for--yes, you guessed it--the very same film.

Cameron Diaz earned the title for her performances in the raunchy comedies The Other Woman, in which a wife and two mistresses of the same man team up to mentally torture him, and also for Sex Tape, where a couple accidentally releases their private 'performance' to the cloud.

Maybe it was something about the name 'Cameron.' Was it somehow jinxed at this year's Razzies? Cameron Diaz and Kirk Cameron seemed to be front and center on the event's hit list. And even though Cameron Diaz only won two Razzies, she was nominated for even more.

The Razzies are held every year on the day before The Oscars, in the organization's effort to hand out 'anti-Oscars.'

Do you think Cameron Diaz deserved to win at The Razzies? And what about Kirk Cameron? Okay, if you actually saw even a trailer for Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, you don't need to answer that one.

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