'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Perks System Detailed

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With just days to go before the release of the next yearly Call of Duty title, Activision has detailed one of the most important parts of the game's competitive multiplayer modes - the perks system.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature a very flexible perks system in which players will be able to customize their load-out with a variety of special abilities. Each of the 35 available perks has a point value from one to five, depending on how valuable it is. Each load-out a player creates has a base of 8 points to spend on these perks. These points can be increased by one (up to 12) for removing each of the primary, secondary, tactical, and lethal weapons from the load-out.

Of course, not all of the perks will start out unlocked. Players will unlock perks as they level up. Alternatively, the "Squad Point" in-game currency earned by gaining XP can be used to unlock specific perks ahead of time.

The perks are all grouped into seven categories of five. The categories include speed, handling, stealth, awareness, resistance, equipment, and elite, which includes special perks such as Gambler (gives a random perk).

Much of this new perks system was teased back in August in a long, Microsoft-produced video about Ghosts multiplayer that was released around the time of the Gamescom conference:

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