Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Leaked Box Art [Rumor]


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Ever since Call of Duty 4 hit shelves on November 7, 2007, there has been nearly no stopping the behemoth. The COD franchise has racked up nearly $3 billion in revenue while selling 55 million copies. As of right now there are 40 million active players across all copies (COD4, COD:WAW, COD:MW2, COD:BO, COD:MW3). So as you can see, whenever there is any news about a new Call of Duty game, it tends to be huge news.

The news today on Kotaku is a possible leaked box art picture. The box art comes from Italy and was featured on the Twitter feed of @MW3Updates. It can be looked at as very suspect if you look at a few things. The conveniently placed flash on the front, the Playstation 2 box, old Xbox 360 banner. But there are things like the new Call Of Duty font, and also has the same high resolution photo from other leaked art that make it look legit.

Some long term analysts have started to speculate that the Call of Duty franchise, while extremely successful is starting to peak. Modern Warfare 3 peaked earlier than other franchises and people are ditching new Call of Duty game faster than ever before. Add on to that the fact that there are more competing franchises like Battlefield 3.

There is a teaser poster seen above, speculation is that it is probably about the reveal of Black Ops 2 during the NBA playoffs.

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