Call Me Maybe Spawns Tons Of Imitators [Videos]

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When a song grabs the country by storm a couple of things happen. The biggest being the pure amount of cover videos on youtube that show up. Happened to "Baby Baby Baby" by Justin Beiber, happened to "All The Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Well the newest victim is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jespen.

Her song is one of the catchiest tunes to come around in a while and has spawned a ton of lip syncing parodies from cheerleaders to baseball players. There are tons of these, almost like doing a cover lip syncing of this song is the new Macareana. These were some of the best I could find. Pay special attention to the Miami Dolphin cheerleader and Staples Center Staff ones for their excellent production value:

Here is the original video that has over 98 million views:

Here is a cover she did with Jimmy Fallon:

Miss America Pageant Contestants Fet. Donald Trump:

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders:

SMU Women's Rowing Team:

Harvard Baseball team:

Staples Center Team:

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