Calista Flockhart Smiles After Spending Time With Hubby, Harrison Ford, In Hospital

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Calista Flockhart was photographed on Friday, smiling after a long ordeal following Harrison Ford's plane crash on Thursday.

Calista Flockhart reportedly rushed to the hospital to be with her husband shortly after his vintage World War II plane went down.

He crashed on a Los Angeles golf course soon after takeoff.

Dr. Sanjay Khurana, a spine surgeon, was playing golf and walking toward the seventh green at Venice's Penmar Golf Course.

Calista Flockhart's hubby's plane was gliding about 100 feet above his head, then it struck a tree with the wing. The plane came crashing down about 50 yards from where Dr. Khurana was standing.

“It felt like an earthquake,” he said.

Dr. Khurana helped to stabilize Ford and pull him out of the plane after kicking dirt on some fuel leaking out of the plane.

“We wanted to get him out safely and with the fuel leaking out, I motioned to some of the other folks at the golf course to put dirt on the fuel so it wouldn’t combust,” Khurana said. “I just wanted to get him out safely so that the situation wouldn't erupt into a fire.”

Harrison Ford reportedly had blood all over his head and body. He asked, "Where am I?"

On Thursday, a source told People, "Calista arrived at the ER shortly after Harrison. She looked concerned and stayed with Harrison until late last night. This morning, she drove [their son] Liam to school and then straight to the hospital. She is still at the hospital now."

Calista spent most of her time at the hospital. Harrison Ford reportedly underwent surgery for a broken ankle and a broken hip.

"They are a super loving, normal, down-to-earth family," a source told People. "Flying is something they've shared. This whole thing must be terrifying."

Do you think Calista Flockhart will let Harrison Ford fly after this?

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