California Wildfire Poses Serious Threat


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It cannot be stated enough what a serious concern wildfires are for California citizens, especially as the region’s devastating drought continues.

A wildfire is currently ravaging an area of Northern California near the town of Weaverville.

According to state fire spokesman Daniel Berlant the fire began Sunday afternoon near Highway 299. This is the main road into Weaverville.

Lilly Wyatt, spokeswoman for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, said that as of now the fire is located about two miles west of the town.

The city was forced to evacuate the nearly 150 households.

Authorities said Monday that as many as 500 residences were potentially in danger.

Wyatt also claimed that the wildfire was a potential threat to about 20 business facilities, including the local high school and the town’s airport.

KRCR-TV said of the fire that it temporarily closed the nearby highway.

On early Monday morning it was learned that persons who evacuated their homes were moved from the Weaverville Elementary School to the Baptist Church.

Firefighters working to contain the spreading flames find themselves at a disadvantage.

Berlant blames high wind gusts and the dry conditions for strengthening the blaze.

Wyatt shared that the Office of Emergency Services is presently coordinating the response to the wildfire.

She said that approximately 380 firefighters are currently responding to the grim situation.

While Monday marks a return to school for many children across the country, Weaverville officials announced that classes were cancelled.

California is reportedly facing nearly three years of drought, which has been blamed for the wildfire-friendly conditions within the area.

It has been noted that despite the damage thus far, the region has been fortunate enough to not see any true disasters unfold yet.

Some fear that as rainfall continues to evade the dry region it is really only a matter of time before wildfires begin to do very serious and widespread damage.