Calgary Stabbing: Suspect Son Of Senior Police Officer


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Police Chief Rick Hanson called the fatal stabbing of five people the "worst mass murder in Calgary’s history."

The shocking crime is said to have taken place during a house party at a residence in Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta, Canada.

The police chief spoke to reporters about the case at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. While speaking to the press, Hanson dropped a sizable bombshell about the suspect taken into custody.

The young man suspected to be behind the brutal stabbings is the son of a senior police officer.

The Calgary Herald is reporting that the suspect taken into custody was University of Calgary student Matthew de Grood, son of Inspector Douglas de Grood.

The five stabbing victims will have their identities withheld from the public until their families have been contacted. It is being reported that all five victims were in their twenties.

According to neighbors, the social gathering was meant to celebrate the last day of classes. The party took place mainly in the backyard of the Calgary residence where a big bonfire was said to be burning.

The stabbings are believed to have occurred at around 3:20 am EST. The suspect was apparently an invited guest who, according to Hanson, targeted each victim one at a time. The authorities are considering charging the suspect with multiple counts of first degree murder.

As word of the fatal stabbings spread, condolences are pouring in.

Elizabeth Cannon, president of the University of Calgary, released the following statement about the tragedy:

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families who have lost their love ones in this senseless tragedy. The university community has lost a part of its family and this is a very difficult time for all of us...We are deeply saddened by this news and we will work with our community to ensure our members receive the support that they need...This is a terrible, terrible tragedy and I think not one that one wants to be speaking about – young people who've lost their lives at a very critical point in their lifetimes and a huge impact on all of us.

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