Caitlyn Jenner: Mom Esther Jenner Breaks Both Hips

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Caitlyn Jenner shared on Monday that her mom, Esther Jenner, has broken both of her hips, but is recovering nicely. A source close to the Jenner family says the family matriarch broke one of her hips a while back, and the other one quite recently.

The I Am Cait star shared the news of the most recent mishap and subsequent surgery via Twitter.

"Visiting my mom and she's doing great after breaking both her hips. She's been mobile--she's tough," Caitlyn Jenner wrote.

Esther Jenner has been incredibly supportive of Caitlyn Jenner's transition from Bruce to Caitlyn.

"It takes so much courage to do what she's doing," the 89-year-old said during an interview with People magazine in June. "When I first saw [Caitlyn] all I wanted to do was give her a big hug. It takes some getting used to. It's going to take some time, but I will adjust."

It's plain to see there's lots of love shared between Esther and Caitlyn Jenner. Esther is quite an amazing lady to not just navigate the ropes of recovery fro two broken hips, but to be so accepting and understanding of Caitlyn Jenner, too.

Prayers are surely going out to Esther Jenner from many of Caitlyn Jenner's fans for a complete recovery.

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