Cain's Arcade Makes A Huge Splash


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Caine Monroy is a smart 9 year old. He spent his summers helping his dad at the auto parts store his family owned in East LA. One day Caine had a brilliant idea to build an arcade out of the left over boxes from the auto parts his dad sells. This little kid then comes up with games from basketball, to a home mage crane for hooking prizes.

He sells 4 plays for $1, or 500 plays for $2. The $2 option is known as the "Fun Pass." It expires after 1 month and he also came up with an ingenious idea for his security. He put calculators on all of the machines and using his code, he will know if they are real or not!

One day a guy came in and decided to play. He happened to be a film maker. What happened next is why I love the internet and why humans really have the ability to come together for the sole ability to make this kids life better.

The film maker created an event on Facebook, and then Reddit got a hold of it and people came out! Just to make this kids life happy for one day!

Check out the shrt film that was made about the kid and his journey of self discovery: