C Spire Wireless Nabs iPhone 4S

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Today, C Spire Wireless announced that they will be the first regional carrier to get the iPhone 4S. The obvious reaction here is, what about T-Mobile?

The launch of the 4S brought a new national carrier to the Apple iProduct party, as Sprint joined AT&T and Verizon as carriers of the iPhone. There was plenty of speculation and rumor that T-Mobile would also be getting the iPhone 4S, but those rumors were dispelled by company management a short time before the phone's release.

But back to C Spire.

C Spire is a regional carrier that used to be called Cellular South (they changed their name in September). They are based in Mississippi and serve parts of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and of course Mississippi. According to recent figures, they have around 900K customers. C Spire offers unlimited voice and data plans and a 3G network.

They announced the news on their Facebook page and recently updated their site to show the "coming soon iPhone 4S' box we've seen on other carriers' websites.

C Spire WirelessC Spire will launch iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet, in the US in the coming weeks. For further information or to register interest, please visit http://tlk.tc/NqEB. For more information on iPhone 4S please visit www.apple.com/iphone

The announcement on Facebook seems to be pretty popular with their customers, as the comments show plenty of excited people. There's no official word on exactly when the iPhone 4S will arrive on the network - just the vague projection of "the coming weeks."

T-Mobile is the only national carrier that doesn't offer the iPhone, and it looks like Apple has jumped them for regional carriers.

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